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Our Work

What we advocate for


The organization acts in accordance with its own principles. None of the organization’s actions are dictated by political entities.

Free and direct access to victims

The organization bases its operations on the need for free access to victims and complete control over its projects. The organization also verifies the distribution of resources and services in order to ensure that they reach the intended vulnerable beneficiaries.

Respect and promotion of human rights, with a focus on women’s and girl’s human rights


Campaign Against FGM, Child marriage and other forms of GBV: The Big Sister Foundation campaigns uses several strategies including community outreach, sporting events, dialogues, legal action, consultative forums, empowering the youth especially young girls through education, economic and the use of both mainstream and social media i.e. community radios.

Health promotion

The community is given information on the health dangers of FGM, anti-FGM laws, the rights of women and children as well as the immediate and long-term multiple physical, sexual and mental consequences for women and girls;- including death. The BigSister Foundation initiates discussions around Gender Based violence/violence against women and girls, many of which are considered a taboo. They do this within families and the communitythrough community mobilization and collaboration with local media and by engaging youth during campaigns. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, have been used as convenient means to communicate to the youth and other adult users.

Empowering Girls to take a stand against FGM

We target girls in schools and those that are not in schools. We organize youth camps which girls between the ages of 12 and 21 participate in. At the training, children are educated on their rights and the consequences of FGM, child marriages and other forms of violence against women and girls. Girls are not only given information on FGM, but they are also encouraged to publicly voice their concerns and denounce the practice of FGM. They are also provided with relevant information on where to seek for help in case they face any risks.

Capacity building

Training sessions on children rights, women, Human Rights and gender issues. We target all members of the community.